Assessment and Evaluation Unit

The College of Medicine at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences established the first Medical Education Department in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - and only the second in the Gulf Region - to provide educational services to the College, and sister colleges at the whole University, including areas such as students assessment, curriculum development, research,  contributing to the teaching of relevant courses, teacher professionalism, program evaluation and development, and College promotion.

Assessment Unit Statement of Purpose  

To define assessment procedures employed by the College of Medicine for written examinations, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE), and objective structure practical examinations (OSPE).

Charge of the Assessment Unit

  • Responsible for producting and editing MCQs and OCSE stations and saving them in the College bank for student examinations and ensure that student assessment is in accordance with the block (course) content and the examination follows the block blueprint.

  • Analyze the results of the student exams and submit a feedback report.

  • Ensure complete confidentiality of the Assessment Unit.

Assessment Unit Responsibilities

  • Blueprinting

  • Item storage

  • Examination preparation

  • Continually update the college Data program

  • Maintain and operate retrieval of items from Data Bank for examinations

  • CON data bank of items

  • Timely, well produced examinations with well organized examination venues

  • Written examination collation and distribution  

  • Marking and Results Preparation

  • OSCE and OSPE conduction 

  • PBL participation 

  • Result processing 

  • Storage of Examinations

  • OSCE/OSPE Conduction

The OSCE/OSPE examinations are developed by the Course Coordinators/Directors in coordination with the OSCE/OSPE Working Group, Faculty involved in the sessions, and the Assessment Unit team to ensure that it is reviewed for quality and weighted in accordance with the course blueprint.

Examination material should be submitted to the Assessment Unit at least two weeks prior to the examination date. Students must report exactly on time for an OSCE, OSPE or clinical examination.  Marking will be carried out by the course Coordinators/Directors immediately following the examination, with support from Faculty involved in the course and the College of Nursing Staff.

Results Announcement

Students will be notified of their grades in a secure and confidential manner. The continuous assessment results announced to the students are limited to:

  • Mid-term examination score

  • The final results

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