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Since its establishment in 2006, the College of Nursing-Jeddah (CON-J) has witnessed a steady growth and development at various levels. Fortunately, the college is keen to maintain communication between the college and its alumni and to establish precise database regarding their professional development and their employment status. To achieve the CON-J vision, mission, philosophy, and goals, the college aims at communicating with its graduates and assessing their employment status, career achievement, professional development, and employers’ satisfaction. For all these, the CON-J officially launched “Nursing Alumni Unit” in 2012, in the premises of the CON-J.
  • Enhancing communication between CON-J and its graduates, and among the graduates themselves.

  • Establishing a tracking system to follow graduates performance and employer’s feedback about these graduates.

  • Establishing a database for all CON-J graduates and use this data for future research and strategic planning for professional development.

  • Building a strategy to assess employees’ working status, conditions, and environment.

  • Following up on graduates’ performance in the local, regional, and international market.

  • Identifying the professional needs and provide better training and employment opportunities for all graduates. Moreover, to better plan curriculum modifications and revisions to meet the emerging needs.

  • Collaborating with different institutions and employers to better achieve the goals of the CON-J in general, and the ‘Nursing Alumni Office’ goals in particular.

  • Conducting a periodic gathering for all alumni of CON-J.

  • Established the Alumni Newsletter “Hamzet Wasel- the Link” to be issued on a biannual basis.

  • Established a link to the CON-J site under the title “Alumni” with pages to post Alumni information and news.

  • Established communication links to Facebook and Twitter to enable graduates and students/staff to communicate.

  • Developed Survey Data Sheet to be used to collect data from graduates and employers.

Future Plans
  • Post the Data Sheet on the site using English and Arabic language for all pages.

  • Develop strategies based on the data collected to improve graduates satisfaction.

  • Conduct The Graduates/Alumni Forum or reunion day.

  • To have collaboration with the Saudi Nurses Association or Council for follow up on graduates.

Chairperson: Dr. Jehad O. Halabi, Associate Professor, CON-J 

Co-Chair: Dean, CON-J


  • Professor Wafika A. Suliman, Nursing, CON-J

  • Dr. Hend Najjar, Assistant Dean Clinical Affairs, CON-J

  • Dr. Hala Bayoumi, Assistant Professor, Nursing, CON-J

  • Ms. Somaya Helal, Manager, Student Affairs Department, CON-J

  • Ms. Soha Khomais, Manager, Academic Affairs, CON-J

  • Ms. Jehan Alallah, E Learning Supervisor, CON-J

  • Ms. Sharihan Khalil, Public Relation Specialist, CON-J

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