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The philosophy of the Community Service Unit (CSU) stems from the philosophy of the University as a whole, and the College of Nursing-Jeddah (CON-J) in particular. It involves strengthening the role of the CSU in creating a stimulating environment for preparation and delivery of health awareness programs as well as constant interaction with all segments of the society, especially disadvantaged and undeserved groups, in order to raise the level of health awareness among population.


The CSU strengthens the interaction and relationship between CON-J and all segments of the community for effective contribution to creating a health-educated community. The CSU will facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and health awareness among populations, using scientific methods and with support of health personnel who are expert in providing health services and awareness for community groups.


1. Continuity of communication between the CON-J and the community as a whole through conducting free-of-charge health fairs (days) for different population categories in the community, especially the undeserved and at-risk populations in the society. These services will be offered in coordination with other local health teams that provide free health services and awareness to different groups of residents.

2. Increase the availability of health information to different groups in the society through Health educational lectures, training, programs for:

A. School children and teachers.

B. University and community college students.

C. Women at childbearing age related to pregnancy, lactation, and menstruation.

D. Patients (and their families) suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, anemia, etc. and train them to check blood sugar and pressure.

E. People with special needs and handicapped such as disabled, deaf and mute especially those related to first aid and safety issues.

F. Kindergartens staff on how to handle and protect children from accidents other diseases.

G. Youth groups (teenagers) to raise awareness about the effects of smoking and addiction, reproductive health, and how to deal with adolescence and related matters.

H. Elderly people especially those at risk for health problems and injury.

3. Create a health information Database documenting the community service and volunteer activities of the College, especially those related to health services area, to enable the College to use the information for scientific research and health reports and evidence-base planning. This could be accomplished through:

A. Health surveillance for any geographical area where the committee conduct a free health day (fair)

B. Health survey by college staff, faculty members, and students at the University and in collaboration with the college.

4. Building cooperative/collaborative relations with local sectors working on development of awareness and promotion of the health of citizens and residents through:

A. Get external support from informal or formal agencies (in the form of material and moral support).

B. Encourage the local community to support the activities of the committee and facilitate the implementation of its pans as much as possible.

5– Participation in the international health days such as outreach community activities.

Future Plans

  • Conducting training workshops for participants in the activities of the unit and in collaboration with the community course instructors and students, and the Students Affairs Department. This might include:

    • Special training workshop for the University and CON-J students on how to deal with infectious disease, emergencies, and first aid.

    • Training of community members, schools, centers, etc. on issues related to health promotion and disease prevention in cooperation with various student initiatives supervised by Student Affairs.

  • Conduct a First Aid course/training for university, schools and other students of related to sports activities as well as raising awareness of the importance of sports and weight control especially for young generation and in cooperation with college students and health committees in schools.

  • Organizing Voluntary Health activities in villages and remote places/ areas of Jeddah. This might be done through a comprehensive survey of these areas (physical examination for school students, mothers and families of the region, health education leaflets, etc).

  • Implementation of early screening and detection program for breast cancer including the same university students as well as the local community areas taking into consideration proper training of health personnel on the early physical/clinical examination to detect breast cancer.

  • Special training courses/programs to combat violence in schools.

  • Seminars/courses/programs on combating drugs and smoking of all types.

  • Checking levels of blood pressure, sugar, weight, BMI, etc for different groups in the society.

Unit Members

  • Dr. Jehad Halabi, Associate Professor, CON-J (CHAIRPERSON)

  • Dr. Hend Najjar, Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs, CON-J

  • Dr. Aminah Bargawi, Coordinator, Community health Nursing Services, Coordinator, Health informatics and Statistics, Community & Preventive medicine center, PHC, WR, National Guard Health Affaires

  • Dr. Houiada Helal, Assistant Professor, Community Health Nursing, CON-J

  • Dr. Ola Esheaba, Assistant Professor, Community Health Nursing, CON-J

  • Dr. Howida Saati, Assistant Professor Medical surgical Nursing, CON-J

  • Dr. Hawazen Rawas, Assistant Professor Medical surgical Nursing, CON-J

  • Ms. Dalia Sunari, Lecturer Nursing, CON-J

  • Ms. Somaya Helal, Manager, Students Affairs Department, CON-J

  • MS. Mona Bashaweeh, Social Worker, CON-J Students Affairs

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