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The Research Unit at the College of Nursing – Jeddah (CON-J) is responsible for overseeing all research activities.


Facilitate high quality research that’s promotes the health of society.


Create a rich scholarly environment that facilates faculty and student research.


In keeping with KSAU-HS vision and mission and research goal the Research Unit is aimed at achieving the College of Nursing- strategic goal 2 which is aimed at:
Strengthening nursing research and scholarly activities that are nationally relevant and internationally competitive.


  1. Develop and oversee structure and process to promote and sustain the quality and productivity of faculty and student research.

  2. Evaluate proposals in terms of scientific merit, feasibility, methodology, statistical validity and requested funding based upon King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC) guidelines.

  3. Promote and coordinate multidisciplinary research activities throughout CON-J and collaborate with KAIMRC and KSAU-HS whenever possible.

  4. Organize national and international nursing conferences, symposiums, and scientific days.

  5. Create a data base that outlines nursing research publications in KSA.

  6. Seek annual reports from researchers covering research project progress and or publications arising from research.

  7. Prepare and submit annual reports to the College Council.


  • Dr. Tagwa Y. Omer, Dean, College of Nursing Jeddah (Chairperson)

  • Dr. Jennifer De Beer, Assistant Professor. (Co-Chairperson)

  • Dr Hawazen Rawass, Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs

  • Dr. Hend Alnajjar, Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs

  • Dr. Wafaa El-Arousy, Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Nusrat Bano, Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Eman Bajamal, Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Sharifa Alsayed, Assistant ProfessorDr. Howieda Fouly, Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Shahrazad Timraz, Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Doaa Al Mostadi, Assistant Professor

  • Dr Hala Bayoumy, Assistant Professor 

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