The College of Nursing is the first in Saudi Arabia to offer a bachelor degree  in nursing program for bachelor graduates. From this distinctive beginning grew something great—a community of learning that continues to evolve, providing abundant opportunities to talented students with a diversity of academic and socio-cultural backgrounds within Saudi Arabia.

Today, more than 90 diverse faculty members, who are leaders in their respective disciplines, instruct the Colleges’ approximate 600 students region-wide. The College serves as a leader, ensuring that graduate students grow to be members of the National Guard workforce; this engagement with the National Guard Health Affairs has created the basis for the strongest health oriented University in the region.

Simulation and Technology

As simulation technology is rapidly expanding, nursing programs are making large investments in this technology, which has great potential for undergraduate nursing programs. With simulation technology, undergraduate students can gain and improve skills in a safe, non-threatening, experiential environment that also provides opportunities for decision making, critical thinking, and team building. 

In the College of Nursing, our simulation lab is designed to enhance the out-of-class learning experience of nursing students as they actively engage in nursing and critical thinking skills. Lab instructors are available daily to support the nursing students as they learn to transform their knowledge to practice. Our labs are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday to Wednesday and are equipped with resources and technology to simulate the current day nursing experience. 

The Department of Nursing features the latest versions of Nursing Anne Vital Simulator –advanced, Rescue- Anne, Maternal and neonatal Birthing Simulator, Advanced Childbirth Simulator, which are state-of-the-art resources that allow our nursing students to engage in virtual practice. This virtual clinical environment allows for an interactive learning experience. Medical and illness scenarios provide the student with the challenge of managing the proper client assessment procedures. The video camera feature allows students and instructors to review the demonstrated skills and client management. More importantly, the clinical lab provides a non-threatening client treatment setting that reinforces the student’s confidence and skills in client care management.

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