Research Proposals

Submission of Proposal to the Research Unit 

Before Review
1. Two hard copies of the proposal are submitted.
2. One copies of proposal with no author’s names on and one copy with the author’s names.
3. Proposal on the KAIMRC Template in a complete format.
4. The data collection tool in English and Arabic where applicable.
5. Principle and Co investigators signatures.
After Review
6. Amendments are covered using the review template.
7. Amendments completed with the specified time.

​Requirements in Submitting Proposals

Requirements in Submitting Research Proposals
1. Complete the research study application form template.
2. Supporting documents must include - consent form (English and Arabic) – if applicable - Data Collection form - CVs of PI and Co-PI. 
Students from the Universities
1. Complete the research study application form template.
2. As per policy on the submission of Research Study. It was stated that "Students in the University must have a local supervisor in their study" (someone connected to NGHA who are qualified by education, training and experience). This means that you should find someone working in the National Guard to act as your supervisor preferably from the Nursing Department and/or Nursing College.
3. If the target populations are nurses, an approval letter from the Nursing Department, KAMC, W.R should be first acquired before you can submit the completed application to the research office. This is to assure that the Nursing Department will have no objection and are willing to accommodate your study.
4. Your submission should include supporting documentation from your college and a letter from your supervisor together with a copy of your brief Curriculum Vitae (PI and Co-PI).
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P.O. Box. 9515 Jeddah 21423, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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