Retirement of Dr. Elizabeth B. Welmann

It is with mixed feelings that we announce the retirement of our beloved and much appreciated Dr. Elizabeth B. Welmann, former Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs, College of Nursing-Jeddah,   King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences. 

Dr. Welmann was appointed as Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs, CON-J, KSAU-HS from March 2012 - October 2016. She was responsible for the management of all academic and student affairs at CON-J. This appointment was in addition to her position as Associate Professor and Head of Nursing Department, CON-J from 2006-2012.

Dr. Welmann obtained her B.A in Nursing (1967) and her MCur in Intensive Care Nursing (1970) both from the University of Pretoria, South Africa; and her Ph.D in Nursing (1980) from the University of South Africa. She has had a long history of clinical and academic experience over the past four decades. She worked as a Senior Nurse in HF Verwoerd Hospital, Pretoria (1968-1970), Senior Lecturer at the University of the Free State (1970-1983), Associate Professor at the University of South Africa (1988-1990) and Professor and Head of Nursing Sciences Department, Stellenbosch University (1990-2006). 

She has rendered 10 years of service at CON-J and her last working day will be on 26 November 2016.  She will always be remembered as hardworking, committed and a true inspiration for all us. 

Her achievements will not be forgotten such as: 

  • She has been a chairperson of several committees and has been active in research with presentations and scientific publications. 

  • She has developed and introduced an internal moderation system for all the exam papers and exam scripts.

  • She was one of the researchers involved in the published research titled “Evaluation of patients’ perception of being cared for based on the nursing theory of Jean Watson”’ together with Dr. Wafika Suliman, Dr. Tagwa Omer and Ms Laisama Thomas. 

Her thoughtful style of leadership has helped faculty and staff to become more of a big, happy family than anything else.

She is also the person people turn to whenever they need advice or just someone who would listen. Her calm presence has always been a joy to be around, especially in times of personal turmoil. She is indeed not someone who can ever be replaced in the university.

We will always remember her for this quote: 

      We are like cups that are continuously being filled. The trick is, we must know when to tip ourselves over and let all the beautiful stuff out.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Dr. Elizabeth Wellmann for her excellent leadership and achievements during her tenure as the Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs, CON-J, KSAU-HS.

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