“Stop smoking and enjoy your life” Campaign

A campaign titled “stop smoking and enjoy your life” was conducted in College of nursing, Jeddah under the patronage of community and Psychiatric nursing unit aiming at:

  • Increase awareness regarding smoking.
  • Clarify  the Risks of smoking,
  • How this smoking behavior affect women health and her children.
  • Describe the relationship between smoking and addiction
  • Why addict people never stop.
  • How addiction and smoking affect the communication skills of the adults.
  • What are the psychiatric aspect of smoking and addiction?
  • How the community affected by those smokers and addict individuals. 

The idea was initiated by Dr. Amal Khalil the coordinator of the unit and implemented with great collaboration from all faculties in the unit including: Dr. Houida Helal, Dr. Ola Eshiba, Dr. Sawsan Elgalad,Dr. Eman Elgamal and Miss Renita Moniterio . Invitations were submitted to 3 high schools including: Bahra Almogahedin, Ninety second secondary school and Bahra 2.

More than 70 students of high school plus their teachers, our college students and faculties attended the campaign which was started with Saudi Arabia National Anthem and Holy Quran then a welcoming ward from Dr. Taqwa Omer who welcomed and thanks the attendants and referred to the importance of the campaign in protecting our students and generations.

A ward from Dr. Amal Khalil who, welcomed the participants and thanks the faculties and the students of Psychiatric and mental health nursing course as well, students of communication course for their great effort in the campaign. Also, she provides an overview for the program of the campaign and asked for the activation of interaction and discussion from attendees and participants.

First presentation was presented by Dr. Houida Helal who provide an overview for the impact and the economic cost for smoking in Saudi Arabia.

Then, many role played and videos regarding the risk factors of smoking , addictions, early and warning manifestation of addict and smokers, and how addiction and smoking affect the communication skills of the adults were presented by students of the psych and communication course . As well a brief discussion was done by Dr. Amal Khalil on the psychiatric aspect of smoking and addiction..

At the end of the campaign a feedback, conclusion and summary was done and school teachers with their students thank all faculties and students who conducted the campaign. Also a positive feedback was received from all CONJ faculties who attended throughout the program of the campaign

Teachers of the school asked for more collaboration and more invitations from the CONJ In the other coming activities and campaigns.

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