Open Day for Health Screening

The College of Nursing in Jeddah conducted an open day for health screening as part of the end of semester activities for the students of the Health Assessment Course. The day was organized by Dr. Hala Bayoumy (Assistant professor of Adult Nursing). The open day was held on Tuesday, 05/03/1438 HJ with the presence of a large number of faculty members (including lecturers, assistants professors), teaching assistants, students from different levels and the college administrative staff.

 The events included welcome performances by the students as well as variety of scientific activities, which reflected the development and academic achievement of students during the semester. Health screening services provided for visitors, included assessment of the risk for diseases of the heart, lung and major blood vessels as well as cancer. Students also advised and guided visitors on how to reduce health risk factor, as well trained them on how to perform breast self-examination. Wealth of scientific information on advanced health assessment techniques were also provided at the different corners.  Students also showed simulations on how to assess people with impaired consciousness.

Many ideas and models of scientific innovation were presented including a model of the heart and how the chambers and different valves function, and as well as a creative model of the brain that shows the subdivisions and functions.


Visitors strongly admired the efforts and services provided by the students which reflected their professional and scientific achievement in their health assessment course throughout the semester and wished them and their teachers more success.

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