The Art and Science of Test Development and Item Analysis Workshop

College of Nursing – Jeddah (CON-J) conducted a one- day workshop for test development and item analysis on the 1ST of February during the Fall Semester break. The workshop introduced the attendees to the art and science of test development process and the item analysis procedure. The main aim was to stimulate the faculty thinking in taking their assessment to the highest level for promoting quality assessment in CON-J.

The thematic focus of the workshop centered on: (I) evidence based guidelines for test development and construction, (II) quality indicators for assessment items, (III) the reliability, validity, & fairness as yardsticks for test development and (IV) the new updates on assessment moderation and verification.

Attendees were involved in several hands on activities. Among which was, a group discussion and Peer feedback and critiques of MCQs writing according to the quality rubrics and technical guidelines. Moreover, hands on psychometric analysis of exams also carried out.

Participants appreciated the scientific event and expressed their gratitude to the efforts of the organizing committee which was headed by Dr. TAGWA OMER, the Dean of CON-J who has provided her great endless support throughout the workshop.

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