First Aid Workshop

The Community Service Committee conducted a “First Aid Training Workshop” for KSAU-HS Female Security Officers, Students Affairs staff as well as Human Resources staff. The activity took place over 2-days: Sunday 29/1/2017 and Monday 30/1/2017 and extended from 9:00-14:00 hrs.

Several Committee Members, Faculty members and Teaching Assistants participated in implementing the programme and training participants.

The workshop and training aimed at: improving participant’s knowledge/awareness about handling and managing major first aid situations including general principles, first aid kit, managing airway obstruction, choking, breathing problems, bleeding, wounds, injuries and fractures, as well cardio pulmonary resuscitation. It also aimed at understanding ways of prevention and early identification of emergency cases.

The workshop outcomes ensured dissemination of information regarding important first aid care, management and increased skills in the management of such situations.

Variety of methods for facilitation was used which included PowerPoint presentations, audio-visual material, open discussions, and training with hands on practice. Participants received educational materials and certificates at the conclusion of the workshop.

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