Professional Education Starts with Training and Development

"We always select technology that supports our learning goals rather than building curriculum around technology"

Sheryl Abshire

King Saud University bin Abdulaziz for Health Science selects the best systems that support the university’s vision of education. To achieve that goal and ensure that our users are not struggling with technology skills; the IT department directs users (Faculty and Students) by conducting workshops. One of the most utilized systems in the world within the educational field is the Blackboard system. One of the goals of the IT department is to ensure that main features of using the system are understandable.  Hence, since beginning of the current semester Spring 2016/2017, we have been trained almost 292 users (faculty, administrators, and students). As technology requires trainers, the nursing collage has an Instructional Technologist Ms. Basmah Alahdal, who is available to assist the college community to keep abreast with this innovative educational system. 

By Basmah Alahdal
College of Nursing - Jeddah
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences
P.O. Box. 9515 Jeddah 21423, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 224-6666

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