Oral presentation and discussion of Midwifery Master Theses

Midwifery Master theses for Batch one students had been orally presented and discussed  in grand lecture hall of the college:


Name of Student

Title of Thesis




Munirah Ali Almasoud

Assessing the effect of back massage on first stage labor pain and maternal birth satisfaction among women at King Abdulaziz Medical city WR

Dr. Hala Bayoumy

Dr. Howieda Fouly




Arwa Al-Nujaydi

Exploring the effect of prolonged second stage of labor on maternal and neonatal outcomes at King Abdulaziz Medical City, Western Region

Dr. Wafaa Elarousy

Dr. Abeer Orabi



Alya Masuod Albinali

Exploring the perception of midwives/nurses regarding midwifery support for laboring women

Dr. Houaida Helal

Dr. Abeer Orabi



Soumaya Fwazy Modoor

Effect of warm compresses on occurrence of perineal tear and intensity of pain during second stage of labour in king khaled hospital Jeddah

Dr. Hawazen Rawas

Dr. Howieda Fouly




Huda Salman A Khubrani

Assessing herbal medicine use among Saudi women in pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding in Jeddah

Dr. Tagwa Y. Omer

Dr. Abeer Orabi



Zohour Abdullah Alsomali

Investigate the effect of antenatal education program on maternal self-efficacy and fear of childbirth among primiparous pregnant women attending specialized Polyclinic affiliated with Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Dr. Ola Esheaba

Dr. Eman Bajamal


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