CON Mission

CON prepares nursing graduates to transform healthcare through high quality academic and research foundation and respond to changing health care needs of communities in various health care settings.

CON Vision

To transform health care by becoming an elite nursing education center, locally and globally, with commitment to excellence in research and community service.

CON Goals

  • Maintain national and international quality academic standards for all programs. Ensure that all academic programs are consistent with the national and international best practices, quality standards and advances in nursing education.
  • Enhance contribution to nursing research. Embrace a scholarly culture that emphasize robust and meaningful nursing and health related research.
  • Promote community engagement in response to changing health needs. Emphasize community engagement as conduit to fortify nursing education and training and as response to the changing health needs of the community.
  • Enhance quality of CON performance to meet national and international standards. Seek national and international recognition of the quality of its nursing education achievements.