The Students Affairs Department is committed to provide the students with high quality services, programs and activities that enhance, support and complement their educational, social, Intellectual, spiritual and personal development to prepare them for successful personal life and professional carrier.

By its slogan” We Are Here For You”, the department was able to achieve its goals since the opening of the college through different areas:

Academic Support Services

The office works collaboratively with Academic Affairs to support the learning process by maintaining the appropriate educational environment of nursing students through different extracurricular workshops and lectures such as (not limited to):                   

  • Notes taking
  • Study skills
  • Exams taking tips
  • Paraphrasing, plagiarismand and other

Students Development

This group of activities aims to provide range of lectures, workshops and other activities that influence the development of the student personality and abilities in different fields of life such as (not limited to):
  • Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management
  • Communication Skills
  • Community Service and other

Students Activities

The Office holds and/or supervises different students’ activities that reflect students’ interests and individual/group growth.

  • Students Club: The student club works as connection between students and college administration. It encourages students to become leaders, helps them gain practical experience and creates activities for all students. The members of the students club is an elected members from the students body based on the student club APP. Different comities is established under the student club in different fields to reflect students interests.

  • Celebrating National and International Days: Such as Saudi National Day, Gulf Nurses Day, Breast Cancer Day, Children Day, etc...

Recreational Activities

The Office provides a range of recreational activities that enhance the student’s fitness and recreation experience in a positive and safe environment and on the same time meet our religion and culture.

  • Trips: To different places in Jeddah area.
  • Gym: Equipped gym to maintain and increase the student health.

General Services

The Office provides a group of services in addition to the above to maintain the required standards of the college.

  • Alumni Office ( Under construction by assigned committee)
  • New students orientation program
  • College uniforms
  • Student Handbook
  • Assist in all students related activities

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