Semester Drop

  • Semester Drop is the process by which students can drop all courses already registered for the current academic semester for a valid reason that is acceptable to the college council.

  • Students must submit their request for semester drop five weeks prior to the beginning of the final examinations.

  • The student’s guardian approval is required.

  • In case the student is not physically capable to complete the request for semester drop on time (e.g. hospitalized), the request and other required approvals must be sent by fax, e-mail or a delegate.

  • Semester Drop is valid only for one semester and students will be automatically registered for the following semester and attendance will be counted.

  • Student Stipend will be automatically stopped effective the date of processing the semester drop request.

  • The dropped semester is calculated within the program duration.

  • When the semester drop is processed, all registered courses will be automatically given the grade “Withdrawn” code “W” which will appear on the student’s transcript for each registered course with the statement “Semester Dropped” and the date.