Student Stipend - Students

  • CON-J students will receive a monthly student stipend as per the Ministry of Education rules and regulations under which the College is charted.

  • Before she starts her study at CON-J, each new student must open an account at the Arab National Bank, where stipends will be deposited.

  • New students must submit their bank account number during the registration period before the first semester of the new academic year.

  • If a student delays filling-up her account information with DAR, this will result in the delay of depositing not only her own stipend but also the stipends of the whole group of students admitted with her.

  • Due to paperwork, new students should expect that their stipend can be delayed to the end of the second Gregorian month of study.

  • The student should update her personal information at the Arab National Bank frequently or whenever she is asked to by the bank to avoid freezing her account.

  • Only in-progress students are eligible to receive a stipend. That is, the stipend will be stopped if a student drops the semester, postpones or discontinues her study. When the student resumes her study, she must report to office of academic affairs to re-activate the payment of her study on the first week of the semester.

  •  In-progress students who receive a third academic warning will have their stipend stopped.

  • If the stipend is delayed, the student should check first with the Arab National Bank for any required personal information updates. If information update is not required, the delay in stipend payment should be reported to DAR as soon as possible.