Withdrawal from the College

  • Withdrawal is the process by which students can officially close their records permanently at CON-J.

  • Any student, who decides to withdraw from CON-J, must submit to office of academic affairs a completed withdrawal form along with a completed clearance form, student’s guardian approval letter and a copy of his Saudi ID, her student ID and a copy of her Saudi ID.

  •  If the student is not physically capable to complete the request (e.g. hospitalized, out of town), a request letter for withdrawal must be sent by fax. This is a temporary measure until the student (or an official delegate) completes all procedures in person and receive her original documents.

  • In case of their desire to re-join CON as student, withdrawn student must apply to CON as new applicants and are subject to all admission requirements applied at that period of time.

  • Student stipend will be automatically stopped effective the date of processing the withdrawal request.

  • If the withdrawal is processed while the student is registered for courses, student will automatically be given the grade “Withdrawn” code “W” which will appear on her transcript for each registered course with the statement “Withdrawn” and the date of withdrawal.

  • In case the withdrawal is processed while the student was not registered for any course, only the statement “Withdrawn” and the date will appear on the student’s transcript in the space assigned for that specific semester.