Academic Advising and Counseling


To establish guidelines for effective academic advising and counseling to ensure optimum student retention, academic performance and personal growth of College of Nursing students towards achieving professional goals.

General Objectives

  • Monitor the academic advising and counseling progress.

  • Coordinate with academic affairs to establish the academic advisors with students list.

  • Orient the college’s academic advisors and advisees to university/college policies and procedures concerned with students and academic process.

  • Identify the needs of advisors and advisees throughout the academic advising and counseling process.

  • Report the academic advisors’ recommendations for improvement.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the academic advising and counseling process.

Specific Objectives

  • Provide students support for better learning and maturation.

  • Assist students in life and academic crises.

  • Refer students to special university/college services as needed.

  • Ensure students’ satisfaction through comprehensive evaluation process.

  • Maintain a reliable students’ follow up.

  • Monitor students coping with academic environment.

  • Maintain ethical standards and confidentiality of student’s documents.

Procedure for Student Referral

Students can be referred to the AACU for the following reasons:

  • Student with Academic concern.

  • Student with high absenteeism rate.

  • Student Violation of professional code of conduct.

  • Student with social, psychological, behavioral problems.

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