7th Health Profession Conference 2022-2023

Repoint Dr. Hend Al-Najjar as Dean of the College of Nursing - Jeddah

Graduation Patch (2019-2020), (2020-2021), (2021-2022)

Career Day 2022

Gulf Nursing Day 2022

No Drugs (مبادرة لاتنطفئ)

The 3rd International Nursing AND Health Sciences Conference

Nursing Teaching Assistant Positions Opportunities

Gulf Nursing Day GND 2021


Gulf Nursing Day GND 2020

Gulf Nursing Day, 2019

Research Process Workshop 2018-2019

Oral presentation and discussion of Midwifery Master Theses

The Disease of Scabies

Self-Development Academic Support Workshops

Stop Violence News

Nursing students Orientation News 2017-2018

Books Corner

Students Research Process Workshop

Dr. Jehad Al Halabi Wins The 3rd Place in The President's Award for the Outstanding Faculty

Dr. Houaida Helal attended the Panel on “Medical Tourism: Benefits and Risks”

Dr. Wafaa Elarousy attended A Panel on Children and Young People's Nursing

Self-Assertiveness Skills Workshop

Winners in Health Profession conference (HPC2017)

Dr. Jehad Halabi Keynote Speaker

How to Look After Your Mental Health

Books Store

Commination style and skills workshop

Canadian Visits

Grand Round Meta-Analysis: A Statistical Perspective (Feb. 23, 2017)

Professional Education Starts with Training and Development

Insta Store

First Aid Workshop

Research Process workshop

Silent language lecture

Set Your Goals

How to Deal with Test Anxiety

Mind Development Workshops

The Assessment & Evaluation Board visit to KSAU-HS Jeddah Campus & Workshop

Speaker in International Conference in Indonesia

“Best Paper Presenter” in the “6th International Conference on Healthcare, Nursing and Disease Management”

Invited Keynote Speaker to Conferences in Indonesia