Academic Affairs

Undergraduate Nursing Program

Designed for secondary school graduates and follows what is known as conventional four-year baccalaureate program. 

College of Nursing BSN Trimester Study Plan

Postgraduate Program

The research proposals of Master theses that had been approved:



Title of Proposal

Dr. Hend Alnajjar

Hadeel Al-Alaa,

Dr. Howieda Fouly

Assess the effectiveness of using Kangaroo mother care on reducing postpartum bleeding among laboring women at King Khaled Hospital-Jeddah

Dr. Howieda Fouly

Munirah Ali Almasoud,

Dr. Hala Bayoumy

Assessing the effect of back massage on first stage labor pain and maternal birth satisfaction among women at King Abdulaziz Medical city WR

Dr. Wafaa Elarousy

Arwa Al-Nujaydi,

Dr. Abeer Orabi

Exploring the effect of prolonged second stage of labor on maternal and neonatal outcome at King Abdulaziz Medical City, Western Region

Dr. Abeer Orabi

Alya Masuod Albinali,

Dr. Houaida Helal

Exploring the relationship between the support provided by midwives/nurses for laboring women and obstetrical profile in King Abdulaziz Medical City-Western region

Dr. Howieda Fouly

Soumaya Fwazy Modoor, Dr. Hawazen Rawas

Effect of warm compresses on occurrence of perineal tear and intensity of pain during second stage of labour in king khaled hospital Jeddah

Dr. Howieda Fouly

Rehab Hussain Alhussainy, Dr. Ebtesam Hashish

Evaluating the quality and women satisfaction of postnatal care at King Khaled hospital Jeddah

Dr. Abeer Orabi

Huda Salman A Khubrani Dr. Tagwa Y. Omer

Assessing Herbal medicine use among Saudi women in pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding in Jeddah

Dr. Ola Esheaba

Zohour Abdullah Alsomali Dr. Eman Bajamal

Investigate the effect of antenatal education program on maternal self-efficacy and fear of childbirth among primiparous pregnant women attending specialized Polyclinic affiliated with Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, Jeddah Saudi Arabia