Assessment and Evaluation


The vision of the Assessment and Evaluation unit at CON-J is to sustain a high standard of learning outcome assessment and evaluation in pursuit of excellence in the context of nursing education in Saudi Arabia.


The mission of the Assessment and Evaluation Unit is to coordinate assessment and evaluation of learning outcomes at the College of Nursing – Jeddah, in accordance with the mission of King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, which ensures that a graduate will be able to render high quality nursing care to the people of Saudi Arabia.


The Assessment and Evaluation Unit are instrumental in the implementation of the Assessment and Evaluation policy and procedures of KSAU-HS as a whole and of CON-J. The unit ensures adherence to the policy by implementing standards with regards to assessment, evaluation and monitoring adherence as set out in the NCAAA guidelines.

Role of the Assessment and Evaluation unit 

The Assessment and Evaluation unit is responsible for the following:

  • Examination compilation

    • Examination papers preparation and review

    • Photocopying and safe keeping of examination papers

  • Examination logistics

    • Ensure orderly conduct of theoretical examinations with team of invigilators.

  • Management of results

    • Electronic marking of objective items.

    • Electronic item analysis and reporting of results to faculty

    • Establish and maintain question bank

    • Extensive and thorough review process of the short answer/essay question papers

  • Quality assurance

    • Archiving and management of theoretical and clinical examination documentation

    • Monitoring of learning outcome achievement

    • Render in service training on contemporary educational matters.

    • Data management and reporting according to NCAAA requirements.

  • Research

    • Participate in research projects related to assessment and evaluation.

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