E-mail Accounts

  • Each student will be assigned an e-mail account.

  • Students should report to the office of student affairs at the start of their first year to collect their e-mail information

  •  In case there are any related problems related to email after receiving the complete information student must report to ISD to solve her problem.

  • Each student must change the assigned password and create her own.

  • Passwords must be kept confidential to the primary user only. Confidential information will be sent to e-mails.

  • Students should always make sure that their e-mail inbox is not full; otherwise they may miss important notifications.

  • All departments in KSAU-HS will use e-mails as an official means for communicating with students.

  • Important documents and notifications will be sent to you by e-mail which include:

    •  Courses and final exams schedules

    • Registration slips

    • Semester final grade slips which include GPA and academic warning

    •  Absence warnings

    • Other important notifications such as related college council decisions, Pay slips, schedules updates, registration announcements, instructors/academic advisors notifications … etc.

E-mails should be checked at least 3 times a week.