• Approved candidates for graduation from the curriculum plan will be notified by e-mail and will receive a course registration plan.

  • Each expected graduate must fill tow applications for graduation (Graduation Request Form and Transcript Request Form) submit the forms to the office of academic affairs along with a copy of student’s passport and Saudi ID. The passport is very important so that the graduate will have the spelling of her name in English on the graduation certificate consistent.

  • Expected graduate will be required to complete their clearance from the college after their last final exam. The clearance form must be submitted to the office of academic affairs before she starts her internship program for one year.

  • Graduates from the curriculum plan must complete one-year of internship successfully to receive their graduation certificate and transcript.

  • Upon the approval of completing the internship successfully by the College Council, the office of Dean notify the deanship of admission and registration (DAR), and the will receive their graduation certificate, internship completion certificate and original copies from DAR.