Student ID and Badge

Each one of the admitted candidates will be assigned a student ID number and a hospital badge number.

Badge Number

Is a number that identifies each student in the National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA) system and is used for financial and medical transactions in NGHA.

Student Number

Is a number that identifies each student in the Student Information System and is used for all prepares in KSAU-HS.

The student number is assigned according to the following system:

  1. The first two digits (from left) are assigned for the first part of the academic year of admission in the Hijri calendar. For example, admissions of the academic year 1435-1436 will receive a number that starts with 34.

  2. The third digit is assigned for the program code, “1” is for the high school program (Stream I) and “2” is for the Bachelor’s accelerated program (Stream II).

  3. The fourth digit is assigned for the college code. CON-Jeddah code is “2”.

  4. The fifth digit is assigned for the gender of the student, “1” is for male student and “2” is for female student

  5. The sixth digit is for the campus, “1” is for Riyadh, “2” is for Jeddah and “3” is for Al Ahsa.

  6. The last four digits are assigned for the student’s serial number, starting from “0001”. An example of a student academic number foe a female student from stream I, in Jeddah campus, who is admitted during the academic year 1435-1436 CON-Jeddah will be: 35-1-2-2-0555.

  7. The serial number will start from “001” with every new academic year for each campus separately.