• A registered student must attend lectures and practical sessions starting the first day of the beginning of the semester. If her attendance at any class falls below 75% during a semester, she will be denied from taking the final examination of that course and assigned the grade of Denied “DN”. This grade is considered as the grade Fail “F” in the calculation of the GPA.

  • The student’s absenteeism 1st, 2nd and 3rd warnings will be sent as an email from the SIS to the student, her advisor and the course instructor to keep track of student’s absence for all the registered courses in the current semester.

  •  1st Written Warning is given when the student absenteeism rate reaches 10%.

  • The 2nd warning is given when the student absenteeism rate reaches 15%.

  • The 3rd warning is given when the student absenteeism rate reaches 20%.

  • The 4th warning is given when the student absenteeism rate reaches 25% and it is a denial from the final exam of the course.

  • Warnings will be automatically generated and sent to students by official e-mails.

  • The College Council or its designee has the right to make an exception and give a student permission to take the final examination in a course even if she was previously debarred from taking said examination, provided that she has submitted a justifiable reason that has been approved by the College President on the recommendation of the College Council, and that the attendance percentage of that student in the course is not less than 65%.

  • Students who are absent from a final examination without a reason accepted by the College Council, will get a mark of “Zero” in that examination. The student’s grade in that course will be based on the marks of that semester’s course work.

  • If a student is unable to attend the final examination in any of the courses, the College Council may, for compelling reasons, accept her reasons and allow her to take a substitute examination within a period no later than the end of the next semester. The student should submit the uncontrollable reason of absence within three days of the date of the examination she missed. Her grade for the missed examination will be Incomplete “IC”. Her final grade will be given after she takes the substitute examination. 

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