Postponement of Study

  • Postponement of study is the process by which students can delay their studies at CON-J before being registered in any course for a specific academic semester.

  • Any student, who needs to postpone her registration for a specific semester, must submit a request for Postponement of Registration to office of academic affairs along with a valid reason that is acceptable to the Dean.

  • The request must be submitted at least a week before the start of the specific semester, otherwise it will be considered as a semester drop.

  • The student’s guardian approval is required.

  • For any student, Postponement of Study can be done for two consecutive semesters or three alternate semesters throughout her study period at CON.

  • Any semester that has been dropped by the student (i.e. after registering courses) will be counted with the number of semesters allowed for postponement of registration.

  •  In case the student is not physically capable to complete the request before the end of course registration period (i.e. hospitalized, out of town, etc.), the request for postponing registration must be sent to office of academic affairs by fax, e-mail or a delegate.

  • The Student Stipend will be automatically stopped effective the date of processing the request of postponement of study.

  • Postponement of registration is not calculated within the program duration.

  • The statement “Study Postponed” and the date will appear on the student’s transcript in the space assigned for that specific semester.

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