Discontinuation of Study

  • Discontinuation of study occurs when a student does not show up for a given semester without undertaking any official procedure such as semester drop, postponement of study or withdrawal from CON.

  • Any student, who discontinues her study at CON for a given semester, will be assigned a “DN” grade for registered courses and will have her record closed at the end of the semester.

  • The Student Stipend will be automatically stopped effective the date of closing the record.

  • If the student wants to resume her study at CON, she must submit a request to the college council for the approval of reactivating her student record no later than four semesters after the date of closing the record.

  • Students, who are their records, are reactivated, can only resume their study in the following semester. If the student wants to re-join CON after the period of four semester from closing the record, she must apply as a new student according to the applied admission criteria.

  • The statement “Record Closed” and the date will appear on the student’s transcript in the space assigned for that specific semester.

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