Book Club

  • Goal: making the library more fun and useful for the students

  • Time: 1 hour

The event process 

  • Inviting each year at a time
    • Once a month
    • One day of the week of each level
  • Viewing books for sharing and reading
    • Book assigned by the library.
    • Suggested book list from the students (making sure its suitable by the library)
    • E- books suggesting’s
  • Exchanging books between the students
    • Give personal info
    • Exchanging books sheets
    • Return date conformation
  • Giving book to the library
    • Taking personal info 
    • Checking if the book is suitable for the library
    • Add the book
  • Book discussion
    • Was the book good in your opinion?
    • What you did like/hate about the book?
    • How would you change the story line?
    • What Story/Manga would you suggest next? ( by votes )
    • Rate the book from 0 to 10
  • Book game
    • Guess the book title  
    • Jump the robe while reading
    • Backward words guessing  game ( from the books )

The advantages of membership

  • Borrowing more than one book from the library.

  • Participating in activities carried out by the Book Club like, games & refreshments.

  • Notification from the library about new books.

  • Books exchange between the members of the club.

  • Notification from the library about any discounts offered to students only like, clinics or book stores.

  • Participate in the annual party held by the Book Club for their members. 

The information needed to sign up for a membership

  • Name

  • Membership No (Badge No)

  • Status: Member

  • Level

  • Date of expiry of membership

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