Core Values

  • Excellence: Collaborate in the development and dissemination of knowledge, skills, and experience among faculty, interns, and clinical partners to promote innovative advancement of nursing education, practice and research.

  • Professionalism: Maintain a climate which facilitates personal and professional development to internalize qualities such as accountability, responsibility, dependability, and commitment through collaboration, cooperation, and mentoring.

  • Caring: Facilitate the bedside teaching-learning process in away that maintains a culture of caring as a fundamental characteristic of the nursing profession in order to provide safe, compassionate, competent, and ethical care.

  • Diversity: Promote a culture of diversity to recognize, embrace, accept, and respect individual differences. This includes appreciating “Social Diversity” among members of the workforce and the general population, and “Intellectual Diversity” which encompasses the broad range of approaches to clinical practicum.

  • Accountability: Value accountability in all aspects of clinical and administrative work, and take responsibility for actions.

  • Collaborative partnership: encourage establishing and sustaining effective, dynamic relationships with collaborative clinical partners to attain mutual goals. It also encourages sharing insights, skills, knowledge, and resources.

  • Evidence-based practices: foster knowledge acquisition, and advocate best practice in nursing education and practice that is informed by evidence.

  • Professional competency: foster the development of professional competencies among interns, in particular, the following core competencies: professionalism, teamwork, self-direction, leadership, communication, lifelong learning as well as clinical skill competence.

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