Why we are different?

  • The internship program mission is congruent with KSAU-HS and CON which is to deliver an innovative program committed to provide a foundation for leadership and excellence in clinical nursing education and practice.

  • We prepare graduate generalists who are clinically, professionally, ethically and culturally competent in meeting fast growing current and future needs of Saudi health care system and Saudi populations.

  • The Graduate Nurse Intern Program is forty eight weeks duration which is carried out in KAMC. We utilize available excellent educational opportunities in King Abdulaziz Medical City (KAMC).

  • The program includes centralized and unit-based activities which relate to the role expectations of a professional nurse role.  The internship year provides an opportunity for Graduate Nurse Interns to further develop nursing job role competencies.

  • National Guard Hospital recognizes the need for a framework to facilitate your development as a Graduate Nurse Intern to that of a Graduate Nurse, and on to Professional nurse.

  • The preceptorship is a key for the assessment of base-line competency skills, provision of performance feedback and assistance in helping interns to develop appropriate goals and objectives.

  • We provide for high quality postgraduate residency/fellowship training programs. 

  • The programs offer career counseling services for interns to explore her career choices to help the Nurse Intern make an informed career decision.
College of Nursing - Jeddah
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences
P.O. Box. 9515 Jeddah 21423, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 224-6666

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