Intended Learning Outcomes of internship field experience

By the end of the internship year the interns will be able to:

  • Recognize the structure of the practice settings and its available services needed to facilitate patient care delivery.

  • Integrate theoretical knowledge and concepts related to nursing, basic, and social sciences into the practice of professional nursing.

  • Recognize the knowledge and theory foundation related to core nursing interventions and skills.

  • Evaluate clients’/patients’ health conditions in a systematic manner within standards of professional practice.

  • Plan holistic patient and family centered care utilizing the nursing process framework.

  • Evaluate research evidence necessary to guide professional nursing practice.

  • Demonstrate utilization of critical thinking skills in making informed decisions related to the care of patients & their families.

  • Conduct self professionally.

  • Assume responsibility and accountability for own decisions and actions.

  • Incorporate professional values including ethical and legal aspects into the practice of nursing.

  • Provide health education for patients and their families/caregivers.

  • Demonstrate basic clinical leadership skills.

  • Work effectively with interdisciplinary  team in order to meet the healthcare needs of patients and their families.

  • Demonstrate effective time management skills.

  • Explore available career pathways within nursing most suitable for future employment.

  • Communicate effectively using therapeutic verbal and non-verbal communication with patients, families, interdisciplinary team.

  • Document nursing care plan and interventions effectively following standards of legal and professional documentation.

  • Demonstrate mastery of basic mathematical calculation necessary for nursing care delivery.

  • Utilize nursing informatics and technology in reviewing, reporting and documenting day to day patient care.

  • Advocate human dignity and patients/families rights.

  • Perform comprehensive physical assessment for individuals across life span.

  • Perform the core nursing skills stipulated in the internship curriculum within satisfactory performance level as an intern.

  • Carry an assigned patient load and deliver holistic nursing care within standards of practice guidelines.

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