Intern In-service Presentations

Nurse interns are required to present five in-services during the training year; one in-service in each clinical rotation (medical, surgical, pediatric, maternity and phase II). Two (2) out of the 5 presentations will address health related topics from Saudi cultural perspective. These 2 presentations will be referred to as “cultural presentations” later.  It is crucial that selection of cultural presentation topics reflects; challenges rise when healthcare is delivered by a multinational team to national Saudi patients, Islamic religious practices and healthcare, and Moslem/Saudi patient responses to certain disease process and treatment modalities.

The other 3 presentations will address clinical related issues directly linked to the practice within the area of assignment. The presentation could be in a cases study format. However, other topics and formats are also invited. Interns may address issues/topics such as; specific disease, specific nursing intervention, specific practice related guidelines or policy,…etc. 

The presentation will be done using PowerPoint and must observe the following:

  • A clear and concise introduction to the topic

  • Aims and outcomes of the presentation

  • Clear, readable English writing and grammar

  • Conclusions and recommendations

  • Current evidence from research (references and proper citation)

  • Presentation time is 10 minutes minimum and 15 minutes maximum 

It is imperative that the nurse intern has the in-service reviewed prior to delivery. The in-service can be reviewed by a Nurse Educator, Clinical Resource Nurse, Nurse Manager, or Assistant Nurse Manager. 

The review should occur at least 5 days prior to the presentation being delivered. It is the nurse intern’s responsibility to book a date for the in-service presentation in their clinical area.

All interns’ presentations will be graded by the concerned Nurse Educator or Clinical Resource Nurse or Nurse Manager or Assistant Nurse Manager using a unified presentation evaluation form generated by CON (attachment No. 15)

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