Role responsibilities of Nurse Managers

NM is responsible for the clinical unit standards and the overall interns’ clinical placement.

  • Ensure that the Nurse Interns practice within the established policies and protocols of the clinical site and the CON.

  • Maintain and ensure completeness of interns’ Log Book

  • Provide an effective unit-specific orientation that will facilitate the integration of the Nurse Intern into the unit team.

  • Monitor interns’ attendance and ensure compliance to interns’ attendance/absenteeism policies.

  • Ensure availability of adequate clinical supervision and resources to the Nurse Interns to ensure safe practice at all times.

  • Coordinate the allocation of a Preceptor to each Nurse Intern

  • Supervise and monitor the patient assignment process to interns

  • Ensure that the Clinical Resource Nurses/Clinical Educators and Preceptors are prepared to teach, assess and facilitate the learning objectives of the Nurse Interns and that all participants in the learning process are supported at all times.

  • Create a clinical environment that is conducive and supportive to the learning objectives of the Nurse Internship program in accordance with patient rights and safety.

  • Act as a professional role model and nurture professional behavior and development in interns.

  • Assist the Nurse Intern to assimilate into the nursing environment. 

  • Contribute to intern's performance evaluation.

  • Monitor the Nurse Intern's progress. Schedule regular meetings with the CRN, Nurse Intern , and the Preceptor to discuss the Nurse Intern's progress and obtain feedback.

  • Provide regular feedback to the Clinical Resource Nurses/Clinical Educators, Preceptor, and Nurse Intern.

  • Encourage lifelong learning

  • Redirect operational, conduct performance and educational concerns about the Nurse Intern immediately to the concerned CON and Nursing services administrative appropriately

  • Engage the interns in unit based quality teams and committees.

  • Ensure that unit staff are aware of internship related resources.

  • Monitor interns’ leadership skills progress.

  • Contribute to interns’ professional counseling as needed.

  • Formally hand over the intern’s formal booklet to the next NM upon completion of the clinical rotation.

  • Contribute to the assessment activity generated by Nursing Services and the CON for the purpose of quality improvement, program evaluation, and research.

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