Role responsibilities of preceptors

Preceptor is responsible for the interns’ bedside clinical teaching and clinical supervision and is accountable to the NM.

  • Orientate the Nurse Intern into the clinical unit to ensure a smooth transition into the clinical setting.

  • Introduce the Nurse Intern to all key members of the multidisciplinary team and explain the various roles.

  • Facilitate a smooth transition into the field of clinical nursing practice by informing and assisting the Nurse Intern to understand social, psychological, religious, and cultural aspects related to nursing.

  • Facilitate an optimal learning environment to promote attainment of the clinical learning objectives and ensure continuity during breaks and absences.

  • Mentor the Nurse Intern and prepare her to holistically care for the patient.

  • Act as a professional role model and display a positive attitude and acceptable level of conduct.

  • Ensure the Nurse Intern has a sound understanding of her learning objectives and limitations in relation to the Intern scope of practice.

  • Encourage the Nurse Intern to implement evidence based clinical practice. Instill a sense of enquiry and critical thinking in the workplace.

  • Provide adequate supervision and support to the Nurse Intern ensuring that theory is integrated with clinical practice, providing sound consolidation of nursing practice.

  • Create an environment that provides optimal clinical learning opportunities for Nurse Intern, inclusive of participation on the unit and quality action teams.

  • Be available at all times for interns and ensure that interns do not engage in direct patient care activities without supervision.

  • Contribute to and participate in the Nurse Intern's formative and summative assessment and evaluation requirements.

  • Provide regular feedback on weekly basis to the NM regarding the Nurse Intern's clinical performance.

  • Redirect Nurse Intern related clinical concerns, scope of practice issues or requests for patient allocation to the NM.

  • Report matters of concern such as attendance issues and practice to the NM immediately.

  • Act as a resource person for the intern and address their clinical/professional queries appropriately.

  • Enforce implementation of related professional/clinical policies, care protocol pertinent to area of practice, and enhance developing progressive independent practice by interns.

  • Acts as client, family, and learners’ advocate.

  • Contribute to the assessment activity generated by Nursing Services and the CON for the purpose of quality improvement, program evaluation, and research.

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