The internship year will prepare the Nurse Intern to provide competent, safe, and ethical professional practice in a variety of health care contexts to a diverse client population.

By the end of the program the Nurse Intern will:

  • Assess, and evaluate clients’ health conditions, in order to plan and implement a holistic plan of care with the ultimate goal of preventing or providing enabling resolutions utilizing nursing process framework.
  • Utilize critical thinking skills necessary for the application of the nursing process. 
  • Utilize basic clinical leadership skills as problem-solving, decision making, advocacy, priority setting and quality monitoring to enhance holistic multidisciplinary patient care delivery.
  • Utilize principles of adult teaching and education in the teaching of patients, families, staff members, and significant others.
  • Integrate theoretical and research based knowledge into clinical practice.
  • Establish collaborative roles within the multidisciplinary team.
  • Utilize nursing informatics and technology in day-to-day nursing care.
  • Demonstrate ability to establish, maintain, and terminate therapeutic relationship with clients.
  • Recognize, develop, and maintain the personal characteristics associated with professionalism such as; awareness of area of strength and limitation, accountability for own action, commitment to search for new knowledge, and commitment to self-directed life long learning. 
College of Nursing - Jeddah
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