In order to support and mentor junior staff research activity with the CON-J, a quality improvement initiative entitled Research streams was developed within the Spring semester of the academic year  2016-2017. All teaching staff was asked to communicate their research interests. Based on these interests, six research streams were initially developed. The initiative is called streams as the idea and intentions behind this initiative is striving to be “fluid” and continuous. The six streams that were developed are as follows:

  • Innovative teaching and learning

  • Psychosocial support

  • Evidenced based nursing

  • Community health Promotion

  • Critical care Nursing and Trauma

  • Telenursing

However in keeping with the priority research areas in Saudi Arabia, the above mentioned streams evolved into the following streams:

  • Communicable diseases

  • Non communicable diseases

  • Innovative teaching and learning

  • Health promotion.

After these streams were formed, teaching staff was requested to allocate themselves in a stream/s. Each stream was allocated a team leader who has a PhD in nursing. These streams remain active and have made a remarkable difference to achieving our target key performance indicators.

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