Management of the program

Internship Program is stipulated and managed by CON. Participating hospitals are expected to facilitate the program implementation under direct guidance from CON.

Each College Of Nursing at the KSAU-HS in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al-Ahsa will be responsible academically and administratively for interns assigned to the region where it is located, regardless of the student initial registration site.  The three colleges, however, shall be committed to a unified program implementation as per the stipulations of the dean’s agreement dated and signed on March 2009.

A Regional Internship Program Committee will be formed by each CON to facilitate implementation and management of the program regionally.

The Regional Internship Program Committee will comprise representation from the division of Nursing Services in the recruited clinical sites 

The said committee shall provide the venue where all issues related to the internship program implementation and the progress of CON interns in this particular region are discussed. 

The committee major charges are:

  • Facilitate regional implementation of the Internship Program

  • Oversee CON interns’ annual clinical placement plan within the respective region

  • Monitor interns overall progress in the clinical settings

  • Implement activities which promote quality program implementation and quality clinical experience

  • Investigate incidents related to interns performance or professional conduct and to recommend actions accordingly

  • Review appeals/issues of dispute/concerns endorsed by interns in relation to their clinical placement/performance, then recommend actions as appropriate

  • Contribute to interns’ counseling activities through a designated committee member when required

  • Recommend solutions to common concerns between the CON and the clinical setting within the framework of the program regulatory structure

  • Oversee planning and implementation of career counseling activities of CON interns

  • Facilitate implementation of relevant assessment activities generated for the purpose of quality improvement, accreditation and nursing research.

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